Monday, May 4, 2015

The most prolific three-point shooters, 2013-2015

You're not going to believe who's at the peak of these charts. #MVP

(Having trouble seeing the charts? Click here.)
All stats from Basketball Reference.

Some quick takeaways:
  • Is there any way we can get Kyle Korver on the same team with Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry? Maybe just for a week or something? Sorry Hawks fans - I'm not trying to antagonize you, I promise. I just want to see my own head explode.
  • Danny Green is not just A Product Of The Spurs System (TM). He's an amazing shooter with serious flammability potential in any game. 
  • I expected Damian Lillard to be higher in efficiency. Maybe that's just me.
  • Some players I didn't expect to see so high: Joe Johnson, J.R. Smith, and Randy Foye.

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